Green grilling on the 4th

With the seasons first big grill event just around the corner we thought a few prep tips would make your life a little easier and greener.

To clean grill surfaces use a thick paste of baking soda and water. Coat cooking surfaces, fire box and heat deflectors with the paste and let the mixture do all the work. After a few minutes to an hour rinse off the paste with water and your grill will be clean and ready to cook.

If your grill uses gas, regular cleaning of the gas lines, orifices and fittings is important to maintain safe and efficient performance. Don't use oil based or caustic cleaners on these surfaces. A 10% solution of vinegar and water will clean and sanitize the fittings and ensure years of reliable service.

Clean the outside of the grill box and all, other surfaces with the same vinegar/water solution and rinse. Dry with a cloth towel.

Before you begin grilling preheat the cooking surface and, using a pair of tongs, scour the grill with a raw onion slice. This will season the grill and prevent the foods from sticking - and it smells better than that spray on cooking oil. What is that stuff anyway?

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